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 Phats plox's application

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Phats plox

Posts : 4
Join date : 2010-01-03

PostSubject: Phats plox's application   Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:55 pm

1. Game Name: Currently its Phats plox

2. Age: I am 13.

3. Location: Fairmont minnesota

4. Do You Have a Microphone: yes i do

5. Steam ID: 0:0:3737071 (I think thats it?)

6. Referrals: (Name of person who invited you) got.juice and veit

7. What games do you play: the most: Well, i have alot of games but mostly cs:s wow codmw2 fable 2 and l4d2

8. Which server(s) of ours do you play on: The jail break

9. How long have you been playing on this server: around 4-5 days, havnt been on long, But my stay was fricking amazing

10. Things We Should Know About You: (Required)
I can be annyoing. i have adhd

11. Things you would like to share about yourself: *OPTIONAL*
Well, i like to beleive im a fun guy to talk with and play with. Ummm, My names David, im on ALOT, school starting tommorow so cant play alot during the week, but like 4 hours a day even on school days. And im a nice fun guy
****** END OF APPLICATION ******
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Phats plox

Posts : 4
Join date : 2010-01-03

PostSubject: Re: Phats plox's application   Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:39 pm

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Age : 27
Location : Scotland

PostSubject: Re: Phats plox's application   Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:25 pm

Becouse of your disrespect to me and ninjy, especially as we are the one's who were trying to tell you the rule's, you're application is here by denied.

Try again when we tell you you can try.


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PostSubject: Re: Phats plox's application   

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Phats plox's application
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