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 |-FR : Admin Faq and command's.

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PostSubject: |-FR : Admin Faq and command's.   Fri Dec 25, 2009 3:58 pm

Page 1 - Basic intro in the workings of the |-FR : admin system and a genreal FAQ.
Page 2 - All Bronze admin command's and a descripton on what the command's are used for and do.
Page 3 - All Silver admin command's and a descripton on what the command's are used for and do.
Page 4 - All Gold admin command's and a descripton on what the command's are used for and do.


First off letme thank you for showing interest in buying admin for are servers, we offer high quality servers for the community to play on and as a admin you will be responsible for the server you choose to be on.

Second off letme tell you what to expect in this thread, you will be able to see a bunch of questions regulary asked by the community. Then there will be a listed bunch of posts explaining what the admin you buy will come with in terms of commands wise.

So lets begin with the FAQ

Q. Were do i buy admin from?
A. You can buy admin by >>Clicking here<<

Q. How much does the admin for |-FR : cost.
A. It completlly depends on the admin you wish to purchase. If you just want simple admin then you will want the Bronze admin which costs $3. If you want admin with a bit more control then you will be looking at Silver admin which is $6. Then there is the top buyable admin ,Gold admin ,which comes with an assortment of command's for general fun play and admin balance, this is $9. There is also a Global admin type that gives you Gold standard admin on all current and future |-FR : Server's.

Q. Is there any other admin beside's those 3 and the global admin?
A. Yes in fact there is, a lot of people may not know about this but there is in fact a 5th admin type. This admin is Platinum, this give's allmost senior like admin on the server's that you have admin on. However the only way you get this admin is by being a |-FR : Member. You cannot join just to get the Platinum admin though, you must reach to the [Cpl.] rank before you may purchease it.

Q. What is my role as a admin?
A. The rules you will be following are.

  • 1. Admin abuse will not be tolerated. It is not a right, it is a privilege to have admin and we can and will remove it if needed.
  • 2. Use only registered admin name. Please post or notify us if you are going to have a name change.
  • 3. Follow the rule of Warn first [either by Slaying or such admin command's or by a verbal warning] Then you will move to a Kick and as a last resort a Ban for the time you think they deserve (start off low then move up if they still continue).
  • 4. Ban's must happen for a specific reason such as hacking or rule breaking. If the ban is unreasonable then it will be classed as admin abuse.
  • 5. For a permanent ban, provide a recorded demo/video, witnesses and/or a log of all action's taken as well as there steam identification.
  • 6. Do not unban players that are currently on the ban list, They have been banned for a reason and will be unbanned only if a senior admin wish it too happen.
  • 7. Do not advertise anything that is not related to the Fallen Rejects.
  • 8. Do not slander or assualt our server(s) or anyone on are server(s), As well as not doing the same for someone else's server(s).
  • 9. Do not be racist in any way, shape, or form, This is a one warn then ban if you are!.
  • 10. Do not impersonate other admin(s) by using hud messages and/or using their name.
  • 11. Do not spam (weapon, audio, voice, text messages, hud messages).
  • 12. You must be 13 years old or older unless you can show that you are mature enough.
  • 13. Be responsible, Any hacking, Cheating or Admin abuse is just a one way ticket to lose not just your admin but also your place on are server's.
  • 14. Its the payers responsibility to re buy admin or cancel admin whenever they need to, Do not come crying to us when you forgot your payment's and don't have admin any longer.
  • 15. If your payment didn't go through and you lost money, it is not our problem. (Sue Paypal, Not us)
  • 16. Rules may change without notice, therefore, it is your responsibility to often read over the Rules, and be active on are website and are forum's/server(s).
  • 17. You must review the MOTD on each game servers and enforce it properly, faliure to do so may have unwanted issue's for you.
  • 18. We reserve the right to remove admin without any reason(s) after 7 days.

Q. Is there a tag i must wear as a admin?
A. Only if you are a |-FR : Member will you were a tag, this goes at the end of your rank I.E. [Pvt.A], If you are not in |-FR : You do not need a tag. If a |-FR : Member is in the server they have priority over all normal admin's as in they will deal with situation's you only use your admin when they don't see something but you do. However if there is a [Pvt.A] in the server and a [Sgt.A] then the Sgt has prority as he has more authority.

Q. Who are the people responsible for me and too keep me under control?
A. The people who will keep track of your actions and future are all senior admin's of the |-FR : Clan they can be found here (CoLeader's and up), along with all member's of |-FR : >>Here<<

Q. Am i also responsible for |-FR : members (I.E. can i deal with them).
A. No if a |-FR : member is misbehaving or disobying the rules you must inform a senior admin at once they will then deal with the situation, Or if a senior is unavaliable then please recorde a demo of there action's and PM a senior on the forum's or dirrectlly email them with the demo and some info about who it was and what they did.

Q. How do i start using my admin?
A. First of all, you need to open your console and learn how to do a basic bind, to do this you have to open your console and type in the console.
bind "key" "admin" type that in console [key being were you want your key to press be].

Q. How do i open my console to bind my admin key?
A. First off, open your options panel then goto your keyboard, once in there click the advanced button(It's at the bottom) and click the "Enable developer console" check box. Once done press the ` key or the tilde key to open your console.

Q. How do i do demos incase there is someone that needs banned for good?
A. First off open your console then type in the console.
record "name of demo here" without the "".
This will begin the recording of your demo to stop this at anytime type stop in console. Once you have a demo goto are foum's and PM a Senior or email them directlly, You may also post in the ban's section on the forum's with the remplate in there.

Q. Were can i find these demo's?
A. Open up your steam folder on your harddrive, then goto.
  1. Steamapps
  2. Username
  3. Counter-Strike source/ Or the game you recorded the demo on.
  4. cstrike for CS:S/dod For DOD:S/garrysmod for Garry's mod/tf for TF2

In those folder's is the storage place for all demo's, they never get saved anywere else.

Any further questions will be added and answeared by sending a Pm to XxDragoNxX this is so they can be added in this thread for future admins of the |-FR : servers.

Now in the following post's there will be a list of all commands each admin comes with.


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Posts : 17
Join date : 2009-12-20
Age : 27
Location : Scotland

PostSubject: Bronze admin - Command's with detail's. (Not finished yet)   Fri Dec 25, 2009 4:23 pm

Bronze Admin Commands


  • Admin Chat
  • Admin Say
  • Basic Admin
  • Explode
  • Freeze
  • Kick
  • Mute
  • Non Perm Ban
  • Private Chat
  • Random Map Vote
  • Slap
  • Slay
  • Swap Player


What each command is used for and what it doe's


Admin Chat
Admin Say
Basic Admin
Non Perm Ban
Private Chat
Random Map Vote
Swap Player

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|-FR : Admin Faq and command's.
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