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 `Vtt->vincent's app

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PostSubject: `Vtt->vincent's app   Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:29 pm

1. Game Name: (no goofy characters please)
2. Age:
14 1/2
3. Location:
Las Vegas, Nevada and riverside california
4. Do You Have a Microphone:
5. Steam ID: (example: STEAM_0:0:12345678)
STEAM_0:0:24385503 19:56 73
6. Referrals: (Name of person who invited you) *OPTIONAL*
Ninjy <3 ily ninjy<333333 (im not gay)
7. What games do you play: the most:
modern warfare 2 and counterstrikei;source
8. Which server(s) of ours do you play on:
rpg jailbreak
9. How long have you been playing on this server:
month or two
10. Things We Should Know About You: (Required)
im sexy, i dont have a temper, im cool, im not gay, i dont freekill and be gay.
11. Things you would like to share about yourself: *OPTIONAL*
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PostSubject: Re: `Vtt->vincent's app   Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:39 pm

I have seen u play for a while and ur kol u dont freekill And you follow the rules


tag up and welcome

|-FR : Vampire

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`Vtt->vincent's app
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