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 Message of the Day (MOTD)

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PostSubject: Message of the Day (MOTD)   Message of the Day (MOTD) Icon_minitimeSat Dec 19, 2009 4:31 pm

The Fallen Rejects Official Hosties RPG #1
Motd created by Dragon|LorD and Chewy :D
*cough* Dragon|LorD <3 lol

Admin Prices:
Global admin - $30.00 <- Give's you gold admin on all current and future server's
Platinum - $15.00 <- all command's are avaliable (without risking server integrity)
Gold - $9.00
Silver - $6.00
Bronze - $3.00

To see our other servers type !servers in-game and connect for more fun !

For more information Contact Chewy or Visit our website (Listed above)

General Server Rule's
1) If you are spamming you'll be instantly muted, After unmuted and you complain its another mute. Rejoining would lead to a ban so dont try.
2) HLSS/HLDJ or any kind of music is not allowed UNLESS a LEADER says so.
3) There is only KNIFING ONLY on top of the cages UNLESS a T is rebelling all CT's feel welcome to shoot the shit out of them no matter where they are.
4) Arguing with an admin gets you muted and/or kicked, then banned for any further arguing after that.
5) After an admin warns you once for any reason, that’s it, you are at their mercy if you can't listen after that.
6) Do NOT ask for levels/exp/credits. First offence is a mute, 2nd is a kick, 3rd is a reset of your stats, Bitching about your stats and demanding them back will result in a ban.
7) Occasionally levels will be reset on the server to keep the game fair. So if you come in the server and complain Bitch pack your ba gs and go to another server.
8) If you witness an admin abusing his power, please get his/her name, steam ID, date/time, and if possible a demo of the situation. When you have these items, message a person higher rank then Colonel with what is happening, do not bitch on the forums for public flamnation, that will most likely get you banned.
9) Free killing occasionally happens, sometimes by accident. Do not get prissy about a single free kill and demand that we ban that person. Admins must follow a warn, kick, THEN ban rule.
10) DO NOT FREE KILL!!! I understand accidents do happen. That's why you are given 2 warnings. First is usually written/verbal, or a slay, second is a kick. The third offence is a temp ban. Any further excessive free killing can and possibly will result in week bans or perm bans.
11) HARDEN THE FUCK UP PEOPLE! If you get killed, don't automatically assume it was a free kill and start screaming and demanding admins ban them. There could be other reasons involved, like a rebel terrorist running about and he happens to cross infront of you. Bullets can go through objects, deal with it or be removed from the server.

Hostie's Rule's
1.The only person who is able to talk on a ordered day is the Controller. Unless you need a admin you will be quiet, Admin's will mute if needed.
2.Only one CT is allowed to be the Controller, and it needs to be alternated round for round, this must be decided before opening cages.
3.If a Terrorist is found in vents, going into first cell, opening vents or in any of the armories they are free game. If a CT is found shooting vents to let Terrorists out, shooting under their feet, or throwing weapons at the terrorist, that CT will be warned, kicked, then banned.
4.If a Terrorist has a secondary weapon on a ordered day they MUST be told to drop it. If it is a freeday they are freegame no matter what weapon they may be carrying. Knife excluded.
5.ONLY THE CONTROLLER SHOULD BE THE ONE KILLING TERRORISTS IF THEY FAILED THE ORDER'S! Others that do so will be slayed. This is why the Controller must be cycled within the CTs.
6.The only place's you may order a T too are - The pool, The big cage, and any room without a gun.
7.When it is Freeday, T's can do ANYTHING they feel like and can not be shot unless they have a primary or hit you or of course they are a rebel.
8.CTs cant randomly knife Ts on cage just because its a knife arena. Only if it is a knife challenge
9.If you won Predator from /rtd you have to lr a knife fight.

Last Request rule's
1.During a last request, the 2 players involved are to be left alone to complete the last request. Players that interfere will be kicked and banned for repeated offences.
2.During a last request, the players involved are to do what is required for that last request. this means no running away from knife fights, and NO RUNNING AWAY IF YOU LOSE! If you lose the last request and run away or kill the winner, you will be kicked and repeated offences banned.
3.During a last request, there is no rebelling if a T has a gun tell them to drop it or just stare at them which is stupid.
4.CT must listen to any rule the T says unless an illegal rule. If CT did not see the rule simply repeat.
5.All LR's must be shared, you may not take all the LR's for yourself if someone else is alive. However if they say you can then you may.

Admin Rules.
1.Admin's on Hosties are not allowed to go noclip, spam spawn nades and guns, and definitely no giving yourself infinite hp or to be put in godmode.
2.Admin's !MUST! follow the warn,kick then ban system at all time's. There may be reason's why people break the rule's.
3.Do NOT make up rules and try to enforce them. Unless told to you by a senior at the time, which would only apply AT that time, you must follow the rules listed here.
4.All rule's made by a senior admin are too only apply whilst they are on the server. There is no exception, if you have a rule that must be placed down then contact the server owner about this.
5.What you do to yourself must be done to everyone else unless you slayed/slapped/damaging yourself in any way.

These are RULES. That means if anyone were to not follow them they get a punishment. Anyone including members high ranking members and admins. I should not see this behavior from my members though.

Visit our website TFRclan for more information.
Thank you.


Creator and Founder of The Fallen Rejects [:
Ex Senior Admin of the xeroFire clan
Creator of Hosties Rpg and Zombie WCS

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